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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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Industrial Management Recruitment


Executive Search

Often referred to as head hunting – is commonly misconstrued as the main tool of the recruitment Consultant. In practice this method is effective in specialist business or technical areas where the availability of potential candidates is limited.  Research facilities enable us to analyse the market, identify target companies, and reach the appropriate personnel within those companies.  This work is extremely confidential and careful research is done before an approach is made. At all stages but this one in particular client involvement is essential.  Having identified potentially suitable candidates, interviews are arranged to confirm experience, qualifications and personal attributes to meet job requirements.  Professional integrity precludes any approach to personnel within our client companies.

Advertised Selection

Involves advertising the appointment – in either the client’s or the consultancy’s name – in the most appropriate media to generate the optimum response in terms of quality and quantity. When recommending selection based upon advertising, we provide informed opinion as to the most cost effective media and provide effective copywriting. It is unusual these days for companies to retain copywriting expertise such as this – simply because such requirements to not arise very often. Top people respond to advertisements provided that they are well presented in the right media, are totally confidential and the consultancy is well respected. A candidate’s perception of the job and the client is influenced by the appearance, size, feel and text of an advertisement.

At all stages full liaison is maintained with the client, including if necessary attendance at shortlist interviews.  Taking up references – psychometric assessment where required, and assistance with “package negotiations”, all lead finally to the firm appointment of the selected candidate.


Contingency Introduction

Through our work we do maintain a comprehensive database of candidates together with a network of contacts.  These will always be used to underpin our assignments be they search or selection based.  Additionally we are often able to use these resources to service clients requiring a more speedy database response to their needs or, from our knowledge of regular clients future development plans, we are able to make direct introductions of candidates becoming available whom we believe would be of interest to these clients.

A very cost effective service for appointments that clients would normally handle directly themselves – generally the more junior advertised vacancies or perhaps those requiring client confidentiality/anonymity.  Here we can provide our resources, on a flexible basis, to support a client led assignment to cover any combination of the following.

A briefing meeting to advise on general approach etc. and to gain full knowledge of the requirement.

Preparation of job and person specifications

Wording, production and arranging etc. of advertisement which can either be in the client’s name or our own if confidentiality is a requirement.

Receiving, database recording and handling of applications.

Review response and select/recommend those considered suitable for initial interviews

Carry out initial interviews as agreed with and determined by the client.

Recommendation of shortlist of applicants with interview reports per candidate.

At all time maintaining a professional response and liaison with all applicants


This flexible service is provided on a time taken basis providing expert support as required.  At all stages the client keeps overall control of the assignment utilising our skills as an extension of their own internal resources to reduce their own executives valuable time in involvement in the recruitment process.


Recruitment Training

In an increasingly competitive environment it is important that the whole recruitment process is geared towards attracting the very best candidates.  Presenting an attractive image of the client’s business and the vacant position is a key aspect of our part in this process.  Candidate experience of the interview process with the client however is even more critical and, in our experience, not always as satisfactory as it could be.  We are able to provide training and guidance to clients designed to avoid potential problems here and also identify often overlooked benefits arising from applicants enjoying the client interview process – particularly important where applicants have been sourced via a search assignment and therefore quite likely from competitors in the industry.  Our training courses are flexible and modular and designed to increase the client’s ability to present themselves in the best possible way to interested candidates.


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